Games played by rolling a coin into something...
Another group of fun games...Golf, Baseball, Skeet Shooting, SLOT TOPato, bowling, croquet.  Try them all!
Game 1:   SLOTTER Golf

Comment: This is a favorite at the office
Picture mini-putt on the boardroom table!

Needs:      Any SLOTTER plus card (per player)
2 or more players
Flat surface with 6+ feet...more is better
1 quarter per player
1 glass
Obstacles set out as desired

Object:      Lowest score (total strokes on all holes)

Rules:All golfers start with a quarter (identify yours!)
  All players tee off from designated spot
  Players can slap, chip, bounce putt, or putt
  Note: Bounce putt can help get over a lip
  Set up as many holes as desire
  Each player keeps track of # of strokes taken
Winner:      Lowest score after set number of holes
  Wins the prize and buys drinks for all players

Loser: Enjoys the round and refreshing drink 
Game 2:   SLOTTER Baseball

Comment: This is really fun to play, but hard to explain!

Needs:      Any TWO SLOTTERs plus cards
2 players
Flat surface with 4+ feet between players
1 quarter (baseball)
3 pennies (runners on base)

Object:      Batter: Score runs before 3 outs in each inning
  Pitcher: Get Batter out 3 times to end each inning

Rules:Pitcher pitches (rolls coin) at Batter
  Batter slaps at rolling coin with card (in SLOTTER)
  Swing + Miss = can also count Balls
  Hitting the coin can result in OUTs if...
1) Pitcher grabs spinning coin before it lies flat
2) Coin stops in zone closest to Batter
  Hitting the coin can result in HITs...
# of bases = location where coin stops on table
Create zones for base hits = 1(near), 2, 3(far)
Run scores after runner advances Home
Home Run = coin hit off table past pitcher
  Hitting coin can also result in a Foul Ball
  Play like baseball...9 innings

Winner:      The player that scores most runs
Game 5:   SLOTTER Bowling

Comment: Great when waiting for order at a restaurant!

Needs:      Any SLOTTER
2 players
Flat surface with 3+ feet
1 quarter
3+ "pins" (eg folded paper sugar pockets)

Object:      Knock over as many "pins" as possible

Rules:Fold and set up "pins" in an "V" pattern
  Pins should be folded and stand tall and thin
  We put opening of "V" facing bowler
  Bowler rolls coin down SLOTTER at pins
  Bowler gets 2 bowls per frame
  Count number of pins fallen in each frame
  Set up pins before second bowler bowls
  Note: Play like real bowling if know rules

Winner:      Most points scored in set number of "frames"

Loser: Sets up the pins for the next game 
Game 4:   SLOT TOPato

Comment: Think "hot potato" meets SLOTTER!

Needs:      2 or more players
SLOTTER and coin for each player
1 TOP (launch by hand or with TOP SLOTTER)
Flat surface with 3+ feet

Object:      Keep the spinning SLOT TOPato away from yourself

Rules:Player A starts TOP spinning at center of table
  All players "shoot" at SLOT TOPato by rolling
coin down SLOTTER at TOP
  Shooting continues until TOP stops spinning
  NOTE: Players can grab any coin that is available

Loser: Has the SLOT TOPato finish closest to them
  Is eliminated from the round or gets a "point"

Winner:      Last one to be eliminated, or has least "points" 
Game 6:   Croquet

Comment: OK, we admit this one is out there
But you can play it

Needs:      Any SLOTTER and cards for each player
2 or more players
Flat surface with 4+ feet
1 quarter for each player
"hoops and stakes" for the croquet pitch

Object:      Move your "ball" (coin) through course

Rules:Look up on line
  Fold paper into little "tent" hoops
  Adapt rules as needed

Winner:      First to finish course

Loser: Grins and suggests another game! 
Game 3:   SLOTTER Skeet Shooting

Comment: Another good one for a restaurant!

Needs:      Any SLOTTER
2 players
Flat surface with 3+ feet
2 quarters

Object:      "Shoot" and hit the spinning coin

Rules:Player A starts coin spinning on table
  How...hold coin with left pointer finger while
coin standing upright on table...flick side of
coin with right pointer finger to set spinning
  Player B "shoots" at spinning coin by
rolling second coin down SLOTTER
  Player B shoots set amount of shots or until
coin stops spinning

Winner:      Most hits for set amount of shots

Loser: Challenges the winner to another match 
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