Games played by flipping a coin into something...
Let's take a quick look at these SLOTTER favorites.  Feel free to improve on our ideas!
Game 1:   SLOTTER Basketball or Pong

Comment: This is the most played SLOTTER game
For the over 21 crowd, think "beer pong"

Needs:      A SLOTTER and card per player
2 or more players
Flat surface with 2-4 feet between players
1 quarter per player
1 glass per player
Beverages of, water, etc

Object:      Score on opposing player before they
  score on you

Rules:All shooters start with a quarter
  They each load their SLOTTER
  Game starts on GO!
  Each shooter fires a quarter whenever
        they can get their hands on one

Winner:      The shooter that shoots first basket
  Wins the coin

Loser: Gives coin to Winner, produces another or
  Drinks content of glass to retrieve quarter
Game 3:   PIG, basketball free throws, etc

Comment: Think basketball games (eg PIG)
PIG is outlined below

Needs:      Any SLOTTER plus card
2 or more players
Flat surface
1 quarter
1 glass (or similar basket)

Rules:Shooter "A" takes a shot from anywhere
  If Shooter A makes a basket...
  Shooter B must make same shot...
  If Shooter B misses shot...B gets a "P"

  If first Shooter A missed, then Shooter B
can shoot from anywhere.
  If Shooter B makes shot, A must match
or get a "P"

Loser:        The player that gets 3 letters, "PIG", first

Winner:      Enjoys the moment.
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Game 2:   SLOTTER Quarters

Comment: Most played IF you only have one SLOTTER
This is an adaptation of the classic...Quarters

Needs:      Any SLOTTER plus card (could have 1 per player)
2 or more players
Flat surface with 3+ feet of surface
1 quarter
1 glass

Object:      Score quarter in glass on your turn

Rules:Place glass in center of playing surface
  One player at a time shoots coin at glass
  Each player gets one shot
  Shooting rotates clock wise
  When a player scores, next in line must score
  or they get a penalty (eg must drink contents)
  Alternate rule...player that scores basket can
  give the penalty to anyone at table

Loser: Gets the most points...or a set number of points
  OR the one that quits first!
Game 4:   SLOTTER Toss

Comment: This will remind you of bean bag toss

Needs:      Any SLOTTER plus card
2 or more players
Flat surface with 3+ feet of surface
3-5 coins
3+ glasses

Object:      Score as many points by shooting coins
  into glasses during turn

Rules:One shooter at a time
  Each shooter gets 3-5 shots per turn
  Each glass is marked with # of points
  Shooter scores points when shoots coin
into one of the glasses (# on glass)

Winner:      The shooter that scores most points

Loser: Calls for a rematch