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SLOTTER basketball, pong, quarters, PIG
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SLOTTER football, soccer, hockey, bocce, curling, shuffle board
SLOTTER golf, baseball, skeet shooting, and bowling
Jail Break and other SLOTTER balance games
Flippin' Birds will flip you out
This site is dedicated to classic toy-based games that we all loved in the 1960s, 1970, and 1980s.  We combine our love for classic wooden toys with our passion for the environment and good, clean, family fun.  These toys are made in U.S.A. from recycled materials, water soluable inks and sturdy white maple.  Revisit those favorite party games you played as a child or as a young adult.  Remember those coin flipping games like table-top football, three-penny hockey or soccer, Quarters and Beer Pong?  How about the fun you've had with battling tops, passing the hot potato or playing jenga? How about the hours you spent folding and launching paper airplanes, bottle rockets or balsawood gliders?  Who can forget those cops and robber games you played with your rubberband gun or sling shot.  Start a new tradition.  Purchase these hand-crafted, table-top toys for your child, your grand child, your friend or yourself!  Your office mates will love a game of boardroom golf, basketball or PIG.  Throwing paper airplanes in a meeting is one thing, but how about launching a paper airplane in an arena or convention hall?  Our classic tops also make a wonderful and fun table-top or desk top center piece.  Your family, friends, employees and customers will find those recycled tops hard to resist.  They will be mesmerized by the color in those spinning tops.  But don't be surprised if they challenge you to a game of battling tops!  Teachers: these are great educational toys for a rainy recess.  Teach about energy and trajectory.  Enjoy our toyful creations!  And smile a lot!!
Simple games for your Jumpin' Jacks
SLOTTER Stopper... adding another dimension to your coin games
coin games
with Stopper
Flippin' Birds
These games launched SLOTTER.  These action packed games involve shooting coins into glasses. They are remakes of old favorites including basketball, "beer pong", "quarters" and "PIG". 
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A coin and a SLOTTER can turn any table top into a sports arena. Pass, kick or shoot your way to victory.  Too fast pace?  How about a game of SLOTTER bocce ball, curling or shuffle board?
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SLOTTER golf is an office favorite of SLOTTER fanatics.  Drive the length of the boardroom table.
Chip over obstacles.  Putt for par.  Not a golfer?  Try SLOTTER baseball or skeet shooting.
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Ready for a different type of challenge?  Try balance games with your SLOTTER
You'll need a steady hand and a good strategy.  For one or multiple players.
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Add the Stopper to many of your SLOTTER games...Great for hockey, soccer, baseball, football....
Stop chasing those missed shots!  Add more excitement to your games.
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These birds are pesky creatures, but we haven't found a person yet who doesn't enjoy flipping them.
Great for parties and social gatherings of all ages!
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If you like Flippin' Birds you will love Jumpin' Jacks.
Challenge a friend or more for hours of laughs.
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Jumpin' Jacks