Tops are so cool!  Who doesn't enjoy a good top?
BOTTLE Tops are the neatest of the neat. 
They are made of the real deal (caps that were rescued).
We even craft tops out of reused and reclaimed caps. 
They are metal primarily, but we also make them from plastic caps.

We enjoy sitting and spinning our tops on a flat surface like a table...more tops at once is better!
It is a fantastic way to contemplate the good simple things in life.
We also enjoy an aggressive game of battling Bottle Tops
All you need is a shallow, dished plate (to push tops into the center)
and two or more tops.

NOTE...METAL TOPS (soda or beer) are best for battling Bottle Tops due to their "teeth".  Be careful though!  Those teeth can bite! 
They are also a potential CHOKING HAZARD!
We hope you enjoy these fun little marvels but...
Please remember that these products have natural differences which make each one of them unique. 
They don’t come out of a mold.  They are hand crafted in the U.S. and may have portions that were sourced from garbage cans!  So celebrate their differences and incorporate them into your games. 
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Ages: 8+