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Teachers and Students

SLOTTERs have provided hours of fun for our family and friends.  But they have also been used as a fun tool to teach children about many topics from Math/Physics to recycling and business. 

We hope that you will use SLOTTERs to learn and/or teach important lessons in a fun way also.
We will developing a resources page as we receive content.  Please send us info if you would like to contribute!

Note:  We have one Science Fair project already being developed!  And a number of teachers
  considering possible curriclum, recycling programs and fund raisers using SLOTTERs.

Current topics for classroom discussions include:

1) Physics:     Converting Potential to Kinetic Energy
> How is energy stored (in "springs" like a bent plasctic card or rubber band)
> How is energy converted to Kinetic energy
> How does mass impact the launch

Trajectory of a coin
> What is the basic trajectory?
> How does gravity impact trajectory?
> How can you optimize distance?
- launch angle
- mass
- type of spring

Angular momentum
> How does a TOP stay upright?
> How does a bicycle stay upright?
> How can you optimize a top?

2) Recycling:   Why it is ot have fun with to help us :)
What is the difference between recycling and reusing?
Reducing or minimizing waste...
SLOTTER will soon be marketing SLOTTER Bits...a product made from the corners
cut from SLOTTERs during manufacturing.  We also use the parts of tops that aren't
able to spin correctly...that is how the "goalie" in the STOPPER came to be!

Note: SLOTTER hopes to inspire young and old to reuse bottle caps, rubber bands,
paper, pennies, hotel key cards...and soon will have products made from straws!

3) Ideation:      Exploring the "possible" with our children was how SLOTTER got its start so we know
this product, or its story, could inspire others children to "think outside the box" as our
logo depicts.
How to create a product/game from items around the house/field
> Creating a product
> Creating a game